Alcohol addiction and alcoholism affect many residents in Island Falls, ME. Alcohol use has long been an accepted part of everyday life all over the world. In our culture today, it has also become acceptable to drink in excess. This has unfortunately led to the demise of many individuals who have become addicted to alcohol, and the consequences of alcohol addiction and alcoholism are serious.

Alcohol addiction is when someone in Island Falls chooses to drink alcohol in excess, without considering the consequences and the fact that it has caused problems in their life. Individuals addicted to alcohol downplay the negative impact that their drinking has on their life and the lives of others. This denial will feed their addiction, and unless they seek help or someone gets help for them they are surely headed for disaster.

Alcohol addiction and alcoholism will soon find all areas of their life suffering, the typical results of addiction to any drug. The physical, emotional and social consequences of this addiction are not worth it. It is important that someone in Island Falls, Maine is aware that help is available and that it's never too late to turn things around for the better.

Getting treatment in Island Falls for alcohol addiction and alcoholism gives an individual a chance to address the psychological and emotional issues that are at the root of their addiction to alcohol. An effective Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation Program will work with the individual to identify these triggers to ensure a long-term recovery. Once these issues are addressed the individual will have a better handle on life and be in control his future.

Individuals in Island Falls, ME. that have been addicted to alcohol and abruptly stop drinking may experience withdrawals symptoms. An Alcohol Abuse Rehab Program in Island Falls can successfully get these individuals through withdrawal and detoxification so that they are physically prepared to dig into the causes of their addiction. This is a much smoother process than attempting to kick the habit on one's own.

There are numerous Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities available in Island Falls, Maine for individuals seeking sobriety. There are Long-term Alcohol Abuse Treatment Facilities, Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs, Short-term Alcohol Treatment Facilities, Inpatient Alcoholism Rehabilitation Centers, support group meetings, counseling for alcohol abuse, halfway houses and sober living.

Start changing your life for the better and get started on the path to a new life. Contact an Alcoholism Treatment Center in Island Falls today to find out which treatment options are best for you.

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  • A survey of 4,271 students from more than 10 universities found that about a quarter of the students that had consumed alcohol in the past 30 days said they were mixing alcohol with energy drinks, either the premixed kind or Red Bull and vodka.
  • An estimated 50,000 cases of alcohol poisoning are reported each year.
  • The total cost attributable to underage alcohol consumption, including costs of traffic crashes, violent crime, injuries, and treatment, is over $52 billion per year.
  • According to some studies, moderate alcohol consumption could possibly reduce the negative effects of a heart attack and have beneficial effects on prevention of ischemic heart disease.
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