Alcoholism is rampant in Wilton, Maine and knowing where to turn for an Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation Program in the area has resulted in saving lives. Because drinking is socially acceptable, cases of alcoholism in Wilton, Maine have currently skyrocketed.

There are many reasons that an individual in Wilton may develop alcoholism including peer pressure or being raised in a home where one or both parents drank alcohol on a daily basis. Some medical and rehab experts in Wilton believe that alcoholism may run in certain families through genetics; regardless of the reasons that a person develops an alcohol addiction, the seriousness of this condition cannot be understated.

Getting help for an individual with alcoholism is highly important because heavy drinkers markedly increase their chances of dying from automobile accidents, homicide, and suicide. The reason that an Alcohol Abuse Rehab Program should be located and secured as soon as the individual from Wilton, ME. admits to having an alcohol addiction problem is because of the seriousness of many of the long-term problems that are associated with alcoholism including stomach ailments, heart problems, brain damage, serious memory loss, and cirrhosis of the liver.

The importance of an individual in Wilton, Maine getting alcoholism rehabilitation treatment cannot be understated, as the alcohol addiction does not only affect the person with the problem. Alcoholism can wreak havoc on the lives of every single person in Wilton, Maine that is in contact with the person that has an alcohol addiction. Additionally, alcoholism can cause job related problems and serious, sometimes fatal health conditions.

Alcohol detox is the first step of any quality Alcoholism Treatment Center; this process is necessary in order to help the individual from Wilton to be able to end their addiction to alcohol. A person that is going through the detox process should be overseen professionally in a Wilton Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center. One of the biggest hurdles that an individual from Wilton, Maine has to face during this difficult treatment process is the discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms.

There are many different types of Alcohol Abuse Rehab Centers for alcoholism that are located in and around Wilton, Maine including holistic treatment, 12-step alcoholism treatment, residential inpatient rehab treatment, short term and long term rehab treatment, and outpatient rehabilitation programs, just to name a select few.

We are here for the sole purpose of helping individuals and their loved ones from Wilton to be able to experience healing from the potentially deadly effects of alcohol addiction problems. Call us right now. Our caring counselors are standing by to help individuals from Wilton, Maine to find the best possible Alcohol Abuse Rehab Facility so that alcoholism in your family can finally become a thing of the past.

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  • According to the National Institutes of health, children who begin drinking before the age of fifteen are four times as likely to become alcoholics as teens who abstain from drinking.
  • The World Health Organization estimates that about 76 million people throughout the world suffer from alcohol-related disorders.
  • Because of the way in which alcohol affects the brain, drinking cab lead to a loss of coordination, poor judgment, slowed reflexes, distorted vision, memory lapses, and blackouts.
  • The total number of alcohol ads on network, local and cable television was 289,381 in 2002, a 39% increase from 2001.
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