• NFI North Inc
  • NFI North Inc
    is located at 60 Ohio Street Bangor, ME. 4401 and can be contacted by calling 207-942-8603. NFI North Inc offers treatment services for Alcoholism, Prescription Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Addiction

    Treatment Services Offered: Mental Balance Treatment Services, Dual Diagnosis
    Payment Options: Payment Assistance Through Medicaid, Medicare Assistance, Self Pay

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  • Men are more likely than women to commit suicide, and more likely to have been drinking before committing suicide.
  • Hispanics are approximately twice as likely as Whites to die from cirrhosis, despite a lower prevalence of moderate to heavy alcohol consumption.
  • Excessive alcohol use is responsible for 2.3 million years of potential life lost (YPLL) annually, or an average of about 30 years of potential life lost for each death.
  • Even when the exact same amount of alcohol is consumed, women are reported to be more affected by drinking then men.

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